Personal Data Policy



To handle your order, we need some important information from you. When you order from us, you provide us with your name, address, phone number and email.

The above data is registered with the purpose of delivery and to give you the best service in the future. Data is stored with information about the items you bought, for 5 years. Afterwards the data will be deleted. When gathering personal information via our website, we ensure, that this always happens with your explicit consent, to inform you about exactly which information that is gathered and why.


We protect you against fraud when shopping at Our webshop works in collaboration with e.g. Clearhaus and through SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) we protect the data that is transported via the Internet in connection to purchases. Neither Lollys Laundry nor other parties can see the data. As long you are browsing on our website to find good deals or nice products there is no encryption, but as you type in your payment- and credit card information you will enter a so-called safe space. In this safe space, the information will be encrypted and your personal information protected.

At Clearhaus, the credit card information will be validated, which means that it is assessed whether the card has been blocked or other that makes it invalid. If everything is OK, you are informed that the order has been confirmed.

Lollys Laundry receive no information about your credit card number or expiry date, but will be notified that an amount has been reserved for Lollys Laundry for when the order has been handled. When the order is shipped to GLS, the reserved amount will be transferred to our account at Clearhaus.

In order to protect you and our other customers against fraud and maintain a high level of security for online purchases, we may carry out verification checks. The verification check may comprise the data that you send when ordering, including your address and payment information.